Would-Be Trump Delegate Faces Federal Charges From Bundy Standoff

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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A potential delegate supporting Donald Trump could be unavailable to the New York developer come convention time.

Jerry DeLemus, a New Hampshire tea party activist, is being held in custody without bond as he faces federal criminal charges for his alleged involvement with the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff with federal authorities.

The Wall Street Journal reports DeLemus, among others, was charged in federal court in early March on nine counts for his alleged part in the Nevada standoff, led by rancher Cliven Bundy, with the Bureau of Land Management authorities.

Authorities accused Bundy of leading 200 fellow minded ranchers into “a massive armed assault” in an effort to halt BLM agents from seizing around 400 of Bundy’s cattle herd on federal land in April 2014.

DeLemus discussed his time at the Bundy Ranch to Doug & Joe Hagmann on a blogtalk radio podcast days after the standoff.

“New Hampshire GOP congressional nominee Dan Innis defended DeLemus on WMUR saying his arrest was nothing but government overreach. If you consider the fact we went two years before the government went after this guy, you have to wonder what is going on,” he said. “What is the real agenda here that the government has? And it really doesn’t pass. Take a look at it.”