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KORWIN: The Loophole, Australia Model and Junk-Guns Myths

Alan Korwin Contributor
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I want to finish describing the gun myths anti-rights advocates keep throwing at us, so we’re the fully informed electorate the Founding Fathers wanted. But there are so many! It seems the only thing the other side has are myths! If freedom is the gauge, every new (or old) gun proposal coming out of the left attacks a mythological problem.

Hence, it won’t solve any of the very real problems we do have. But it will attack the rights people currently have, so we fight back with the vigor you might expect from freed slaves being offered shiny new chains. No wonder we can’t get anywhere. Stop offering chains on our rights and calling them common-sense laws.


An old fable describes an immigrant who came to this country, learned English, built a great department store, made a fortune, but never understood what a “loophole” was. So he asked around, as was his habit, and struggled with the concept until it dawned on him. “Aha,” he said. “A loophole is freedom.”

And indeed it is. A loophole is something law hasn’t closed off for you, yet. It is a freedom you still possess, something you are still free to do, and it presents a way for your enemies to attack you, by threatening or working to close it down. After all, loopholes in law should be closed, right?

Wrong. That’s a myth, because loopholes represent freedom. Anti-gun-rights factions use this subtle manipulative tool constantly, identifying one gun freedom after another, declaring them loopholes, and demanding removal, closure, limits, repeals, overrides and endings.

The enemies of freedom don’t stop with guns and ammo, they’re after all loopholes. Freedom no, control yes. You can ride bicycles without helmets? Another loophole! We must fix that. People can cook food at home without keeping their kitchens sanitary to government standards? That’s a loophole so large we don’t know how to propose shutting it down! You can own any amount of ammo? Talk about dangerous loopholes.

The loophole myth is a seductive and pernicious tool used by ambitious power hungry people and groups who seek to rule over you. They want control over what you can do, and use the force of government, through “loophole” laws that regulate your behavior, requiring conformance to their ideals, for their purposes.

When it comes to the Second Amendment, loopholes are freedom personified. Efforts to close so-called loopholes do nothing but infringe upon rights you already have, and have typically had for centuries. If anyone uses the word loophole near you, they are using a sneaky myth to attack your rights. Cling to your guns, and make sure they’re loaded.


It’s hard to understand how anyone can, with straight face, say they support reasonable gun-control laws like Australia’s. It such a myth, right there on its face, it’s like Hillary saying on national TV during a debate she’s not part of the establishment. She was the First Lady for eight frickin’ years for Pete’s sake. The Secretary of State during multiple wars. A senator from New York. How much more establishment can you be? Who on Earth could possibly swallow that? (Apparently, plenty of people—democrats mostly—and sycophantic lapdog media dogs.)

Australia confiscated guns, by force, and destroyed them in public, on TV. This is not the definition of reasonable common-sense law, unless disarming the public is reasonable to you. And obviously some people think so. But if the Constitution is your baseline, and in this country it is, that activity is wildly radical, violates every principle America stands for, and for any media outlet or citizen to accept such activity as reasonable is myth-taken. Accept the end of America as the world has always known it.


Racism was the origin of gun-control laws in the United States, a well-established fact, with numerous books and treatises documenting the discriminatory antebellum efforts to keep freed slaves unarmed. Those racist gun laws persist to the present. Left-wing radicals seek to outlaw affordable guns, the domain frequently of poor people in desperate need of protection in inner cities, where expensive high-class firearms are simply out of reach financially. Elitists calling to ban weapons in affordable price ranges, vilify them as junk guns as if that justifies the effort.

A person who eats inexpensive food, drives an inexpensive car and wears inexpensive clothes is entitled to own an inexpensive gun.

For the longest while these were demeaned as Saturday Night Specials, a term that originated in the deep South, as “N-town” Saturday Night Specials, with the N-word dropped for political correctness. Attempts to ban these, for people of color in what we used to call ghettos, puts society’s most vulnerable at risk. It’s just one more myth piled high on the mountains of effort to disarm the public, by people living in glass houses, high on a hill in a gated community.

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Alan Korwin is the author of 14 books, 10 of them on gun law. His book After You Shoot examines ways to lower your risks after a self-defense shooting. He has been invited twice to observe oral argument in gun cases at the U.S. Supreme Court. Reach him at, where he is the publisher of Bloomfield Press.