Dreadlocks Kid Responds To Appropriating ‘The Colored Community’s Culture’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Cory Goldstein is the San Francisco State University student recently accused of “cultural appropriation” by a fellow student, and he responded to the incident on Tuesday.

Goldstein — an environmental science major — rejects the notion that wearing dreadlocks is cultural appropriation since “it’s engrained in so many other cultures” outside the black community. (RELATED: Woman Gets In White Student’s Face For Having Dreadlocks)

“I felt I didn’t need to explain myself. It’s my hair, my rules, my body,” he told Golden Gate Xpress. “It’s not even a part of the, like, colored community’s culture. It may be engrained in it, but it’s engrained in so many other cultures. It’s in Egyptian culture. It’s in Viking culture. You’ll see in Victorian culture, there’s information about them having dreadlocks too.”

“When people wear Native American headdresses, I feel like that is cultural apprioation,” he added. “That is solely something within their culture.”

“Hair tangles naturally. It is something that will naturally will happen.”


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