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John Kasich, The Next President Of The United States, Eats Pizza With A Fork

REUTERS/Randall Hill

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever blogged about John Kasich before. Possibly? I can’t really remember, because it’s John Kasich. But now he’s finally done something interesting.

Well… sort of?

John Kasich, son of a mailman, bleeds red-white-and-blue but eats pizza like some sort of effete Eurotrash poser. “Ooooh, this pizza is too hot! It’s hurting my widdle mouf! I need a forkie-workie! Vote for me!”


I hope this jerk enjoys taking Christie’s place as Trump’s favorite footstool. At least Christie knows how to eat pizza: roll up the whole pie into a cylinder and cram it down your throat in three bites.