Trump In Danger Of Losing South Carolina Delegates

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Donald Trump may be in jeopardy of losing his South Carolina delegates. Although Trump won all of the state’s 50 delegates on February 20, his declaration that he would not honor the GOP’s loyalty pledge to the eventual nominee could invalidate his candidacy in the state.

Time magazine reports anti-Trump Republicans in South Carolina are preparing to contest being bound to Trump as a result of his threat to the pledge on Tuesday.

Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper at a town hall Tuesday that he would not pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee, saying, “No, I don’t anymore,” adding that he has been “treated very unfairly.”

Trump also told Cooper that his rival, Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore], essentially said the same thing.

When asked about whether he would support the eventual GOP nominee at the same town hall, Cruz responded: “I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and my family … I think nominating Donald Trump would be an absolute trainwreck. I think it would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton.”

Trump signed an oath when he filed to be on the South Carolina primary ballot pledging to, “hereby affirm that I generally believe in and intend to support the nominees and platform of the Republican Party in the November 8, 2016 general election,” Time reported.

Although South Carolina delegates are bound to Trump on the first ballot, the delegates have not been selected yet.

Additionally, in order to be a South Carolina delegate to the Republican convention in Cleveland, a South Carolina Republican resident must have previously been a delegate or alternate delegate to the state’s 2015 GOP convention.

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