Clinton: ‘I Feel Sorry’ For The Young People Who Believe Sanders [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton says she feels sorry for the “young people” who support Bernie Sanders and believe what his campaign says about her record.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd airing on Sunday, Clinton claimed that she has a strong record of “working to try to move us away from fossil fuels for many years” while defending herself from criticism regarding the video where she yelled at a supposed Sanders supporter. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Angrily Yells At Voter: ‘I Am So Sick!’)

Todd said to Clinton, “You were caught saying ‘I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about my record.’ What are they lying about?”

“Well, let me first say that, you know, I’m used to criticism. I’ve been taking it for a very long time,” Clinton said. “But I care passionately about climate change. And I have been working to try to move us away from fossil fuels for many years.”

“When I was in the Senate, I introduced legislation to take away the subsidies. I voted against Dick Cheney’s energy bill in 2005 and I could go on and on. When I got to be Secretary of State, I was at the original meeting in 2009 with President Obama where we were trying to convince China and India and others to come on-board with accepting some restrictions that would lead to what finally occurred with the Paris agreement,” Clinton said.

“So when people make these kinds of claims, which now I think have been debunked — actually The Washington Post said three Pinocchios, the New York Times analyzed it and other independent analysts have said that the [the Sanders campaign] are misrepresenting my record,” Clinton alleged.

“I’m just not going to — I feel sorry, sometimes, for the young people who, you know, believe this. They don’t do their own research. And I’m glad that we can now point to reliable independent analysis to say, ‘No, it’s just not true,'” Clinton argued.

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