Karl Rove: If Trump Wins Wisconsin, ‘It’s Over’

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Karl Rove told Fox News’ Steve Doocy that if Donald Trump wins the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, he will win the Republican nomination.

“I think Trump’s right,” the longtime Republican strategist explained. “If he wins Wisconsin, then the contest is over. If not, it’s going to go on, and the math becomes somewhat more difficult.”

“Right now, Donald Trump has to win 55 percent of the remaining, roughly 900 delegates yet to be selected, and that number rises with depending on where the outcome is,” he added, “depending on how many delegates he takes out of there if he loses.” (RELATED: If Trump Were To Win 1,237 Delegates, This Is How He’d Do It)

Rove also stated that Trump has performed well in states — like Wisconsin — that hold open primaries “where independents and Democrats can come in and vote. And he’s done slightly worse in states that have a closed primary.”

“This state is one where he should — manufacturing state, blue color state, he’s spent a lot of time there — if he wins, it’s over. If he loses, this is going to be a tougher contest.”

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