EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Green Beret & UFC Star Says This Republican ‘Is Running To Save The Republic’

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Former Green Beret and current UFC middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy just endorsed retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness for the United States Senate in Louisiana.

“I’m endorsing Col. Maness for United States Senate because of his deeply held commitment to the constitutional rights and principles our nation was founded upon,” Kennedy, who also stars in History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler,” said in a statement. “The number of politicians currently representing us that have ever served in the military has been shrinking over that past 50 years, Rob has actually put his life on the line in defense of those rights and principles.”

“While the vast majority of politicians run for office for their own self interest, Col. Maness had made it abundantly clear that he is running to save the Republic,” he continued. “If we are ever going to rescue our nation from selfish entitlement, political correctness and collectivism, we must start sending citizen-statesman warriors to fight for us in Washington and I believe Col. Maness will do just that.”

The son of Air Force Sergeant Billy and Lennie Maness, Rob‘s military upbringing made him realize “how grateful he was for being an American and why our individual rights must be protected.”

“The career politicians in the Beltway have failed us and I will go to Washington as a genuine political outsider to stand in the breach against them in defense of our God-given natural rights,” Maness explained. “As I told Tim when we first spoke, I’m not running for office to join ‘the good ol’ boy club’ in the Senate, I’m running to break the club up and fight for the Constitution.”

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