Elementary School Teacher Fired For Being Too Good At Twerking [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshots/Anonymous México Unidos

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An elementary school teacher vacationing in Cabo San Lucas won a twerking contest — and $260 — but then lost her job after video of her impressive hip-thrusting gyrations went viral.


At the urging of friends, the 24-year-old teacher, identified only as Carla, entered the fateful dance competition at the Mango Deck Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, reports Mexico News Daily, an English-language news website.

The deejay on hand for the festivities broke out “Rompe,” a 2005 reggaeton by Daddy Yankee, and Carla began her dance, which included shaking her butt in the face of a judge sitting in a plastic lawn chair.

The moves busted by Carla easily bested the moves busted by three other contestants from Mexico City, France and Texas.

Next, someone uploaded video of Carla’s twerking exhibition onto Facebook. The video quickly became a viral sensation. By the time Carla arrived back in the northern Mexican town of Ciudad Obregon where she lives, she was something of a local celebrity.

Someone had juxtaposed images of her twerking with images of her standing with children at the private school where she was a teacher.

“I was singled out as immoral, called immature and a whore,” Carla told Reforma, a Mexican newspaper.

“I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s a dance competition, and participating in it does not define me as a person,” the teacher also said. “I’m not naked or having sex, much less consuming drugs or disrespecting someone.”

Nevertheless, the principal at the school where she taught — and a lawyer representing the school — told Carla that several irate parents had complained. They convinced her to sign a resignation.

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