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Keith Olbermann Finally Realized He Was Living In A Trump Building

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As an employee of the proud owners of KeithOlbermann.com, the web’s #1 source for all the latest news and opinion on Keith Olbermann, I blame myself for allowing the following story to fall through the cracks. In my defense, nobody really cares about Keith Olbermann anymore, to the extent that anybody really did.

I didn’t realize it until the great Jim Geraghty pointed it out this morning, but for the past month, Olbermann has been making a big deal out of leaving his condo at Trump Palace because he doesn’t like Trump. Olby lived there for the better part of a decade, yet somehow he never noticed the big “TRUMP” sign out front. Did he think it had something to do with card games?

Keith actually wrote a whole op-ed about it, and WaPo published it because they’re WaPo. Here’s a taste:

Okay, Donnie, you win.

I’m moving out.

Not moving out of the country — not yet anyway. I’m merely moving out of one of New York’s many buildings slathered in equal portions with gratuitous gold and the name “Trump.” Nine largely happy years with an excellent staff and an excellent reputation (until recently, anyway) — but I’m out of here.

I’m getting out because of the degree to which the very name “Trump” has degraded the public discourse and the nation itself. I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting. Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.

Trump spit! Keith isn’t on TV anymore, but he still knows how to turn a phrase.

Well, that’s showin’ him, Keith. Hey, if I were a former TV host and I couldn’t afford to live in my expensive condo anymore, I’d probably find the same excuse. “I didn’t wanna keep living there anyway. That guy stinks!” Sure, Keith. Sure. It only took you nine years to realize that those grapes were sour.

Let’s hope Keith can still afford to hire people to move his couch and stuff. It’s not like the stentorian dunce has any friends.

I don’t like Trump either, and I’m never voting for him, but I can think of one nice thing to say about him: At least he’s not Keith Olbermann.

Update: Keith blocked me on Twitter a long time ago, but he still reads me.