Watch Neil Cavuto Spar Over Capitalism With A Socialist Who Thinks It’s ‘Illegitimate’ [VIDEO]

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Darlette Scruggs, a Million Student March organizer, thinks capitalism is “illegitimate” and wants to provide free college tuition for every American but said she “shouldn’t” have to provide an answer to host Neil Cavuto about how to reign the federal government’s spending in order to fund it.

During a contentious interview on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Thursday, Cavuto asked Scruggs, “What do we cut, what do we prioritize on to get back to the things that you think are important?”

“I shouldn’t have to answer the question of how to handle the deficit that the government created. I’m not a government official. I wasn’t elected into office to solve these problems. I’m a taxpaying citizen. A person, a young person that is seeking opportunities in a system that is unable to provide it regardless of what the argument is,” Scruggs claimed.

“And I say the system of capitalism has proven itself illegitimate and it cannot provide basic things like education, shelter, health care. We need to readjust how we view our society and someone has to get out here and defend the right to education,” Scruggs said. (RELATED: Student Activist Demands Free College, Has Literally No Idea How To Pay For It [VIDEO])


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