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Quote of the Day:

“Guy on Metro insisting he did time with me — keeps telling me to ‘stay out of trouble.’ I’m trying, Kay.”

Washington Examiner editor Philip Klein.

Update on Erick Erickson’s clots on his lungs 

“Good news: getting discharged from the hospital to my own bed. Still need lots of rest, but I can do it at home. Thanks for the prayers.” — Radio host Erick Erickson, who writes The Resurgent. He was in the ICU for clots on his lungs.



MSNBC Hayes’ spring humblebrag (in case we always want to know what he’s thinking) 

“Pretty fun to do the show from Brooklyn. Wondering if we can set up a permanent live-shot on my front stoop for spring/summer.” — Chris Hayes.

WaPo reporter dishes on threats about his life, comments on his wife 

“The people on Twitter who have threatened my life, posted my address and made comments about my wife were responding to Sanders articles. … If you’re *infuriated* because I wrote a story explaining why Sanders’s avg donation is near-but-not-always-at-$27, rethink your priorities.”
Philip Bump.

Regrets from the campaign trail…

“Crushing blow of the day: I didn’t get a photo of the dude who wore a bright purple ‘Gym Tan Lax’ jersey to a Ted Cruz event.” — NationalReviewOnline’s Alexis Levinson.

Melissa Harris-Perry is ‘thrilled’ about her new job 

“Thrilled to announce I am the new editor-at-large at,” — MHP, who walked away from her MSNBC show and was subsequently fired.

New York makes this guy a little crazy 

“As always, New York has put me in a state of sensory overload, so I’m going to have trouble sleeping.” — Jeet Heer, senior editor, The New Republic.

Journo Hate Mail: Jezebel reporter gets weirdo letter from reader 


Like his dad, Eric Trump loves the media 

“Always great being on @OutFrontCNN with @ErinBurnett @CNN #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.” — Eric Trump, who appeared on “Out Front” Monday night.

Erick Erickson still tweet attacks Trump when he’s sick 

“Even from the ICU (!), apparently not too ill to tweet about Trump / attack Trump supporters. Amazing.” — A.J. Delgado, commentator, lawyer.

Geraldo Rivera this THIS should happen…

“If @realDonaldTrump goes 60%+ in NYC & @SenTedCruz does under 15% then #RNC2016 should declare Trump the nominee. @JohnKasich 4 VP.” — Geraldo, FNC.


“Hhhmmm…I should shower now and get it over with.” — Breitbart‘s Mary Chastain.

The Observer

“Today is Pulitzer day — the day most of us journos cheer great reporting from big media orgs that win, & feel like shit about our own work.” — David Sirota, International Business Time.

Overheard in Chelsea…

Ben Dreyfus is the engagement editor for Mother Jones. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.17.18 PM

Who better to help Wesley Lowery celebrate WaPo‘s Pulitzer than Michelle Fields? 

(Mirror commentary: I can’t even make this up.)


WESLEY SPEAKS: “So thankful for my friends and family and their love. Haters gon hate, but nothing could ruin such a great day.” Check out Lowery’s OTHER great win on Journalism Egos, Ranked.