Sanders Campaign Complains: Democratic Party Is Not ‘Fair’ [VIDEO]

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders and a key adviser says that the Democratic Party’s system of superdelegates “doesn’t seem fair” because they “play such an outsized role.”

Appearing on Fox Business Networks’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Thursday, Sanders said, “The electoral process, the way it’s conducted now — in both parties — is not good. It’s not democratic. It’s not smart.”

Sanders suggested to “change the electoral process by having there be open primaries, same day registration. If independents could vote, there’s no doubt that the results in Democratic process at least would be very different. Bernie’s won 17 states but a lot of them have been open. The closed primaries he has lost or virtually tied.”

Later, on the topic of the Democratic Party’s superdelegates, Sanders claimed that “it doesn’t seem fair that — that superdelegates can play such an outsized role.”

“It’s one person, one vote,” Sanders said. ” Evidently not in the primary system. So we don’t like the concept of the superdelegates. It’s a — it’s pretty much an insurance policy for the establishment, that they can make sure that the primary doesn’t go awry.”

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