White House: Ted Cruz Might Actually Be The Devil

Reuters, Aaron P. Bernstein

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Thursday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Josh Earnest was asked what President Obama thinks of John Boehner’s recent comment that Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh.”

[dcquiz] “I don’t know that he was trying to be helpful or harmful,” Earnest told the group of reporters. “I think he was just looking to be honest about his own view.” (RELATED: Boehner — Cruz Is ‘Lucifer In The Flesh’)

On Wednesday, the former Speaker of the House told attendees at a Stanford gathering that he made “Democrat friends and Republican friends” during his time in Congress.

“I get along with almost everyone,” Boehner explained. “But I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch,” than Ted Cruz.

Cruz laughed off Boehner’s comments Thursday, claiming he allowed “his inner Trump to come out.” (VIDEO: Cruz Reacts To Boehner Saying He Is ‘Lucifer In The Flesh’)

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