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Quote of the Day:

“Yep I blocked you, you little shit. Go cry about it.”

Caleb Howe, TruthRevolt, American Spectator and RedState.

Me Me Me Me Me 

“Question: Would you watch a travel show hosted by me where I just travel the globe meeting animals and experiencing things?” — Tracy Clayton, BuzzFeed.

A must read… HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel tells the whole story and gives broader context for the now infamous Saturday night WHCD fight…good for her.

Speaking of which…

“Years from now I will tell my kids, I was there for the great @ryangrim v. @jessebwatters brawl.” — HuffPost senior politics editor Sam Stein.



Charles Blow LOVES his legs

“Time to hit the gym before it closes tonight. Hate leg days, but legs are looking like HS! #ProgressIsAMotivator #HealthIsWealth.” — NYT columnist Charles Blow.

Blow is so focused on his legs that he forgot about this…

“Oh, look, Charles Blow is back to using Donald Trump’s full name (Previously refused to print it).” — Washington Examiner‘s media writer Eddie Scarry.

Chelsea Handler wishes Malia Obama luck on Harvard plans

“Malia Obama is taking a gap year before going to Harvard. Good luck, girl. I took a gap year before coming to Netflix. #may11 #chelseashow” — comedian Chelsea Handler.

More on Larry Wilmore’s performance at WHCD… 

“So @StephenAtHome gives shout out to @larrywilmore, says he’ll be honored for his work performing at #WHCD by ‘never being invited back.'” — Brian Lowry, CNN media critic.

CNN’s Jake Tapper: ‘Don’t like it? Don’t watch.’ 

Steve Fermier is an ex-radio news guy. 

FERMIER: “Hey, @jaketapper: supporters say ‘good luck’ to candidates, but reporters don’t. Just ‘thank you’ for the interview is plenty.”

TAPPER: “I say ‘good luck’ and ‘congratulations’ to people all the time. I consider it polite. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.”

FERMIER: “I’m fine with polite. But objectivity, at least the perception, has a place too in a reporter’s official duties. Right?”

Confessions of an ex-game show host 

“Yes I’m afraid of what #Trump may do. Yes I’m more afraid of what #Hillary will do.” — Chuck Woolery, former host of The Love Connection.

MSNBC host Hayes’ daughter defends her Beyoncé

“We were all pretty shocked when my daughter looked up at Iggy and said ‘Keep Beyonce’s name out of your mouth.'” — Chris Hayes.

What’s Caitlyn Jenner doing on C-SPAN? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.03.07 PM

The Observer

“If America ever became a ‘breeding ground for tyranny’ its because people like Andrew Sullivan did so much to empower Bush + cronies.” — Media Matters research fellow Oliver Willis.

Deep Thoughts With Bill Kristol 

“Human tendency is kiss up & kick down. So now we see cheap shots and easy disdain for Cruz and Fiorina. I admire them – at least they’re fighting.” — Bill Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard.

Journalist gets paralyzed by plate and bath mat options 

“Just spent 30 mins in Century 21 paralyzed by which bath mat and plates to buy so just going to live without a bath mat or plates.” — Amber Jamieson, reporter, Guardian.

Reporter misses the ‘old’ Ted Cruz 

“I miss the old Ted Cruz who shut down the government and gave zero fucks. What happened to him?” — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.

Correction: The Mirror misinterpreted Chris Hayes‘ daughter’s opinion of Beyoncé. I’ve changed the above headline to better reflect the quote. Apologies.