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Author Claims Bruce Jenner Wants To ‘Transition’ Back To Being A Dude

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Beef or fish? Make up your mind, Bruce.

Tim Kenneally, The Wrap:

Caitlyn Jenner, who announced her transition from man to woman last year, has considered de-transitioning, the author of a new book about the Kardashian family told TheWrap on Wednesday.

Ian Halperin, the author of “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family,” said that, while researching his book, multiple sources told him that the former Olympian had been miserable for months and has considered transitioning back to a man.

I’m skeptical about this. Not because it’s impossible that Bruce Jenner now realizes he’s made a huge mistake, but because there’s no such thing as “transitioning from a man to a woman.” Jenner is a man who’s been suffering from the delusion that he’s a woman, and he’s rich and famous enough to turn himself into some sort of heroine hero to a lot of very confused, very silly people.

He’s a dude, dude. He’s never stopped being a dude. All the cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy in the world won’t change that.

This sort of “sex change regret” is hardly unprecedented. It reminds me of that ABC News producer who “transitioned” from Don to Dawn. After a few months of running around the office in a wig and lipstick, he went back to realizing he was a man. He even claimed “Dawn” was the product of amnesia. A little while after that, he retrieved his wig and went back to telling everyone he was a woman.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t marry into a reality-show dynasty, so he lost his job.

That girl guy didn’t have 99% of the media enabling her his delusion. She He was just some regular Jane Joe.

He didn’t need people telling him that his fantasies were real. He needed professional psychiatric help.

I don’t know if Bruce Jenner is done with this nonsense or not. Maybe it’s just a rumor started by some jerk who’s trying to sell a book. But I do know that there’s no such person as “Caitlyn,” and pretending there is doesn’t help the man. It’s cruel. A lot of people have been trying to feel better about themselves, like the urbane sophisticates they imagine themselves to be, by “supporting his transition.” They’re doing nothing of the sort. They’re just helping a really mixed-up dude avoid dealing with his issues.

Come on back to reality, Bruce. No harm done. Well, except to your face. I’m not sure they can undo all that. But we ain’t mad at ya. We just won’t pretend to believe something that isn’t true, even if it means hurting your feelings.

Oh, and stay out of the ladies’ room, man. If I can’t go in there (by court order), neither should you.