Find Out Why Megyn Kelly Says Her Interview With Trump Was ‘Uncomfortable’ [VIDEO]

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Megyn Kelly shared a bit of what happened in her upcoming interview with Donald Trump and said it was “cordial but there will be some moments where people are feeling a little uncomfortable.”

In a clip airing early on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday, Kelly said to Trump, “Most kids between the ages of six and sixteen have been bullied at some point in their lives. Were you ever bullied?”

“No I wasn’t. But I have seen bullying. And bullying doesn’t have to just be as a child,” Trump said. “I know people that are bullied when they’re 55 years old.” (RELATED: Trump Tells Kelly: Your Debate Questions ‘Might Have Been A Favor’)

Kelly, who is 45 years old interjected, “It can happen when you’re 45.”

“It happens, right. But, you got to get over it,” Trump argued. “Fight back, do whatever you have to do. I have been saying during this whole campaign I’m a counterpuncher, you understand that. I’m responding. Now, I then respond times maybe ten, I don’t know, I respond pretty strongly. But, in just about all cases I have been responding to what they did to me.”

After the clip ended Kelly told host George Stephanopoulos that she thought that the audience would see a different side of Trump, suggesting, “I think you will see [Trump] as you haven’t seen him before. And I’ll tell you, it was fascinating during the interview because that us was the first time that we ever discussed what happened between us.”

“There are some tense moments,” Kelly said. “There were some, I think honest moments and contentious moments. I would say overall, the tone was cordial but there will be some moments where people are feeling a little uncomfortable.”

Trump’s interview with Kelly will air in full on Fox broadcasting 8:00 PM ET/PT on Tuesday.

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