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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Speech To The Members At The Annual Meeting

Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President, NRA
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Thank you, Louisville!

It’s great to be here to celebrate our freedom and the American values we hold dear. I’m excited to hear Donald Trump, aren’t you? He’ll be out in just a few minutes.

Are you ready to win this election and take our country back? Come on, let me hear you! Are you ready to send Hillary into retirement? Or, maybe an orange jump suit.

All across the country — everywhere I go — people come up to me and say, “Wayne, I’ve never been more worried about my country than now.” They say it not with anger, but with sadness in their eyes. Not because they fear something is going wrong, but because they know something has gone wrong.

You know what I’m talking about. You feel it in your heart — our core values, our freedom … eroding, slipping away.

You’re here in this room because you care about the America we all know and cherish and you’re worried that our country and what it stands for is disappearing. In this room, we still see the America we have always loved — the freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation on earth!

We, in this room, are America. We are the police officers who patrol neighborhoods. The firefighters who run toward the fire. The servicemen and women who have answered the call. The doctors and nurses who heal. The farmers and grocers who feed. The construction workers, factory workers, auto workers and tradesmen who keep America running.

We are the teachers of our children, leaders of our churches and volunteers in our communities. Americans, all bound together by a common, noble cause — the individual freedom bestowed to each of us at birth.

We at the NRA embrace and hold dear what makes us uniquely American. Family, responsibility, patriotism, mutual respect, honesty, civic duty.

These values are still alive — in this room and within the hearts of millions of Americans like us. But there are other rooms — rooms where the America we see is no longer visible, and no longer wanted. Rooms where our America is being transformed by the political and media elites at the highest levels.

In rooms at the White House, political elites are changing our country, one policy disaster at a time. Failed border policies. Failed education policies. Failed economic and tax policies. Failed healthcare policies. Failed energy policies. Failed foreign policies. Failed criminal justice policies. Failed defense policies. And together, they’re shredding the very fabric of our country and transforming America into an America we won’t even recognize.

To carry out that transformation and finish the job, there are rooms where hand-picked “super delegates” have rigged the election and circumvented voters to coronate Hillary Rodham Clinton into the White House.

It is a dirty, inside game. A corrupt system. But no one should be surprised. Corruption has followed Hillary Clinton almost her entire life. So has failure.

From her room at the State Department, Clinton’s history is littered with failures. The 13 hours of Benghazi. All of Libya on fire, Egypt on fire, Syria on fire, Iraq on fire. A nuclear Iran. A brazenly emboldened Russia. An expansionist China. A nuclear North Korea testing ICBMs capable of delivering that weapon to the United States while the Obama-Clinton Administration slashed America’s military. All in the face of the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism that Hillary won’t even name.

Under Hillary’s watch, the world has become ever more dangerous all while Hillary attacks our fundamental right to survive and protect ourselves by eliminating our Second Amendment right of self-defense. If she could, Hillary would ban every gun, destroy every magazine, run an entire national security industry into the ground and put your name on a government registration list.

If she gets her hands on the Supreme Court and stacks it with just one more justice, every total gun ban she dreams — every confiscation scheme she craves — will stand up in her court and we’ll be kissing our Second Amendment freedom goodbye.

Folks, I’m not kidding. If she gets even one Supreme Court nomination, Hillary’s court will hold that the Second Amendment is a government right — not an individual right — and you can kiss your guns goodbye.

That’s not the America we inherited and that’s not the America we want for our children. It won’t happen overnight, but it will begin on her first night.

She ignores the simple and hard truth that we, in this room, all know. The truth that if, God forbid, a terrorist should enter this room, he would learn firsthand that the best way for law-abiding Americans to defend their lives — the surest way to stop a bad guy with a gun — is a good guy with a gun!

There is no limit to how far the elites will go to put Hillary in the White House. They’re even allowing convicted felons the right to vote, including violent rapists and murderers. It sounds outrageous, but it’s true.

The Democratic-led Maryland General Assembly did it for 44,000 ex-cons. In Virginia, Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe — Hillary’s longtime bagman — did it for 206,000 convicted felons.

Tentacles of the Clinton machine are out registering those felons right now. They’re releasing them and then they’re registering them! Heck, when they sign their release papers, they might as well just give them a Hillary bumper sticker at the prison door.

There are also rooms at CNN and NBC and other networks, rooms where media elites conspire to tell us not what the news is but how we should think. They hold up lies as truth thinking we can’t tell the difference.

They think Americans all over the heartland are stupid. Do they think we can’t see their tone, their inflection, their agenda?

I’ve always said that one of America’s greatest vulnerabilities is the failure of the national news media to provide a level playing field for the truth. And Hillary will be their candidate — not because Americans want her, but because the political and media elites have decided they do.

Even if Hillary survives her primary — and by that I mean her FBI primary — even if she survives, is she really the type of person we want to lead America?

Despite all that, the elites have huddled in rooms in Washington and New York, San Francisco and Hollywood, and cooked the nomination for Hillary. On Wall Street, they’ll pay you $250,000 a pop to talk in those rooms — well, maybe not you or me — but if you’re Hillary Rodham Clinton you can make a fortune talking in those rooms. And she did.

There’s no sense of public service in Hillary’s behavior. There is only personal greed, lust for power and shocking arrogance.

It’s how she’s able to look you in the eye, with a straight face, and deliberately lie about her attempts to hide her official emails. Destroyed records, a personal server, deleted emails, illegal handling of classified documents.

But you know what all of America is saying around their dinner table? They’re saying, if that were me, I’d already be in prison.

Well, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been able to ignore us so far, but they will not be able to ignore us on Election Day. In November, we the people get the last word.

Just a few weeks ago, Hillary said that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Oh, we believe you, Hillary. We see you. We know you.

We know a Hillary Clinton White House would be ground zero for a massive attack on our freedom. A revolving door and cash register for every Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and every gun ban group in the world. A haven for all the Hollywood elites to plot the destruction of our Second Amendment, while never acknowledging for a split second that they’re the ones teaching America irresponsible use of firearms.

A Clinton White House would be a cesspool for NBC, ABC and CBS elitists to plan programming and orchestrate interviews to bombard the airwaves against our freedom.

A White House that would put the full weight of a weaponized IRS, ATF, EPA, Interior Department and every other agency behind attacks against groups and people they don’t like — while ignoring the real problems facing our nation.

Where violent felons with guns, criminal gangs with guns and drug dealers with guns are getting away with murder — literally — in places like Chicago and Detroit and beyond, where the full weight of federal enforcement of existing gun laws is absent.

A Clinton White House would be a dangerous extension of the Obama White House. And where has this White House put its full weight? In the toilet. In bathrooms in North Carolina and school districts all over the country.

You know, the University of North Carolina used to think its biggest enemy was Duke. Now it’s Loretta Lynch.

Think about that. Rising ISIS attacks, terrorism in Europe, innocent children being slain in our cities by murderers the White House refuses to take off the streets before they kill, ever-growing serious threats to our nation and the president’s biggest concern is school bathrooms? That is what a Clinton White House looks like, and more.

Every State of the Union address — every carefully staged press conference and public event — Hillary would pull out all the stops in seizing and destroying all the freedoms and values we care about most.

If you think the Obama White House and Ben Rhodes lying to the American people about Iran — and laughing about it — was bad, just wait until Hillary Clinton’s spin doctors get hold of the media. If that happens, it’s game over for everyone in this room, everything we care about most.

It is a stark future. Dark.

But there is another future, another possible America before us. The one we want for our children.

In a few minutes, you’ll hear from a man who offers a very different White House — a far more hopeful nation. The American dream. Enduring freedom. We, in this room, we are America’s best hope and this is our moment.

In all of history, there has always been a time and a place where patriots rise up against the decree of the elites and shout, “No more … get your hands off my freedom!”

That time and place is now. Where we stand together. We stand and fight like hell for freedom.

The revolution to take America back starts here, on this day, in this room. By God, we will elect our next president! We will save our freedom! And America will be America again!

Wayne LaPierre