‘Frozen’ Voice Actress: Giving Elsa A Girlfriend Is A Great Idea

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“Frozen” voice actress Indina Menzel approved giving her character Elsa a girlfriend in the film’s upcoming sequel.

A social media campaign has pushed the idea, and an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked Menzel about it on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards.

“I think it’s great,” she said. “Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out.”

Menzel added that regardless, the movie and the opportunity has changed her life. “No matter what … [Elsa] changed my life,” she said.

In “Frozen” movie, the character Elsa goes off to live alone because she can’t control her powers and freezes the town. It is not the typical male character in this Disney movie that rescues the damsel in distress, nor does Elsa have a male love interest. In this movie, Disney chose to show the power of sisterhood, and it is Elsa’s sister Anna that warms her heart and shows Elsa the way out of her sadness.