Australian Butcher: If You Eat My Bacon, You Wont Be A Suicide Bomber

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Anders Hagstrom Justice Reporter
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A butcher shop in Narooma, Australia removed a sign saying that eating bacon for breakfast “reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100 percent,” Narooma News reports.

“Eating two strips of Rapley’s award-winning bacon for breakfast reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100 percent,” the sign read.

While no specific religion was mentioned in the sign and despite the fact that a number of religions prohibit pork for their followers, some declared the sign offensive toward Muslims. Jeff Rapley, the owner of Rapley’s Midtown Quality Meats, removed the sign following complaints from local residents, according to the Narooma News.

Rapley, who employs a Muslim assistant, clarified that he didn’t mean any offense by the sign, saying the reaction had “gotten way out of hand,” according to Daily Mail Australia.

One resident was able to photograph the window advertisement and post it to social media before it was taken down, where it met with mixed reactions.

“Eat bacon — you won’t become a terrorist. Not funny. Purely offensive,” one woman tweeted.

Others, however, had more lighthearted reactions.

“I’d go out of my way to bye [sic] from this butcher… bloody priceless,” one man commented.

“The only people this sign may offend are suicide bombers. And the problem with that is?,” another man said on Facebook.

The ad seems to have served its purpose in spite of the controversy, however, as Rapley said his bacon is nearly out of stock due to increased sales.