Somehow, Hundreds Of Dead California Voters Keep Casting Ballots Every Election


Kelly McDonald Contributor
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265 deceased voters in Southern California have been casting ballots for years, according to an investigation by KCBS-TV.

Of that number, 86 of the decedents were registered as Republicans and 146 were Democrats.

KCBS-TV unearthed evidence that several individuals, some of whom passed away a decade ago or more, had voted in a number of elections.

Annette Givans, whose father John Cenkner passed away in 2003, expressed horror that someone had used his name to vote, saying that he “took a lot of time choosing his candidates.”

Most of the fraudulent votes were being cast in Los Angeles County, the news outlet found.

Although the local government claims that they delete all deceased individuals from their voting database, KCBS-TV  found that hundreds of deceased records were still registered to vote, indicating more opportunity for fraud.