Here’s Why Donald Trump Stopped Playing Twisted Sister At Rallies [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Dee Snider talked about his friendship with Donald Trump and said he had to ask him to stop using his song, after he heard the things Trump was saying on the campaign trail.

On Thursday, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister told CNN host Jake Tapper that he and Trump became friends after his time on “The Apprentice.” Adding it was the kind of friendship though were they never discussed the big three “sports, religion or politics, because we know if that discussion breaks out that’s the end of the friendship.”

Snider said that when Trump decided to run for president he called him and asked if he could use their hit song “We’re Not Going to Take It.” The singer gave him permission, but later after hearing the “litany of beliefs” Trump was saying he had to call him and ask him to stop.

“As the months went on, I heard the litany of beliefs that I had never discussed with him,” he said. “I finally called him and I said, ‘Man you got to stop using the song, people think I am endorsing you here and I can’t get behind a lot of what you are saying.” Adding, after that night he has not used the song since.