RNC Chair: We Can Learn From Hillary’s National Sec. Record – It’s ‘A List Of Things NOT To Do’

REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Reince Priebus lashed out at Hillary’ Clinton’s national security record on Thursday.

The RNC Chairman claims “there isn’t a more flawed messenger on national security issues” than Clinton, but insinuated in a statement that the country could still learn from her tenure as secretary of state, by looking at her actions and essentially doing the opposite.

“As Obama’s secretary of state [she] helped turn Libya into a jihadist playground, spearheaded the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran, and secretly called for bringing terrorists from Guantanamo onto U.S. soil,” he wrote. “And while Clinton was jeopardizing our national security by exposing classified information on her secret email server, her State Department left high-risk diplomatic outposts around the globe vulnerable to attack.” (RELATED: Edward Snowden Eviscerates Hillary’s Choices As Sec. Of State — In Just Two Sentences)

“Hillary Clinton’s national security record reads more like a list of things not to do rather than a model of how to keep America safe and secure.”

Clinton will reportedly give a speech in San Diego on Thursday to “contrast her foreign policy credentials with those of Donald Trump.”

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