Trump: Hillary Says I’ll Start Wars, But ‘She’s The One That Wanted To Go Into Iraq’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During a taped interview that aired on Sunday’s broadcast of “State of the Union,” Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for claiming he would embroil the United States in foreign conflicts when “she wanted to go into Iraq.”

“We need a strong temperament in this country,” the presumptive nominee told host Jake Tapper. “We have had led by weak people, weak and ineffective people.”

“Countries have taken advantage of us, militarily or otherwise,” he added. “We’ve been taken advantage of by everyone.”

Trump then launched a defense of his “temperament,” which Clinton has criticized.

“I have a strong temperament but I have a temperament that is under control. She mentions that I’ll bring us into war. She’s the one that wanted to go into Iraq.”

“She raised her hand. She didn’t know what the hell she was doing.”

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