Sanders’ Campaign Manager Torches Chris Matthews Over Unreleased Tax Returns [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Pressed about when Bernie Sanders would release his tax returns, his campaign manager Jeff Weaver took a shot at MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’s wife and her failed congressional campaign for not releasing their tax returns.

Monday on Mathews’s show “Hardball,” the host asked, “Would you give me a date when Senator Sanders would release his tax returns over the last several decades. Do you have a date yet?” (RELATED: Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress)

[dcquiz] “I don’t, Chris, but I think we should follow the example perhaps of yourself when your wife was running for the Congress in Maryland recently. You guys didn’t release any tax returns. So I don’t really think you’re one to be in a position to talk about tax returns,” Weaver said, as first reported by Mediaite.

During Weaver’s slam, a perturbed Matthews attempted to talk over him, saying, “Oh, here we go.” After Weaver finished, Matthews replied, “I don’t even know if we did release tax returns. Did we?”

“I don’t believe you did,” Weaver replied.

Growing increasingly defensive, Matthews claimed, “I had nothing to do with the campaign. So I will check. I will check. I’ll be glad to check. But you about know, that was certainly strange because I wasn’t involved in that campaign. And you know it. At all, Jeffrey. At all.” (RELATED: Under Scrutiny Over Wife’s Campaign Donors, Matthews Still Silent)

Weaver replied, “This wasn’t our fault, Chris.”

“Yes, but I wasn’t involved,” Matthews said before taking a shot of his own at Sanders’s wife, Jane, who is a visible presence on TV on behalf of her husband. “I’m not even Jane Sanders here. Anyway thank you… I’ll give it some thought because I wasn’t involved… Thank you Jeff, well no thank you Jeff Weaver.”

In February, The Daily Caller broke the news that some of Matthews’s wife Kathleen’s biggest donors are also supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Kathleen lost in April’s Democratic primary in Maryland’s 8th District despite the fact she had a significant number of out-of-state donors. (RELATED: Kathleen Matthews Trounced In Democratic Primary Under Questions Of Donors’ Ties To Husband’s Show)

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