Progressives React To Bernie’s Looming Loss By Demanding The Massive Federal Scheme Bernie Wants

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A leftist political action committee dedicated to creating all manner of new and exciting welfare benefits is encouraging Democrats to put aside their differences and unify for the sake of massive federal government expansion.

“As Democrats think ahead to November, the way to unify millions of Sanders and Clinton supporters and inspire general election voters is to unite the party behind a truly bold progressive platform,” the PAC, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (Boldprogressives.org), said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller on Monday evening.

The Democratic Party’s platform committee must “sow the seeds for victory in November by embracing popular, progressive ideas that have risen to the forefront in recent years that are not currently in the platform,” the Progressive Change Campaign Committee urged.

The far-left outfit wants Democrats to focus on a throng of big-government boondoggles including debt-free college, a nationally-mandated $15 minimum wage, additional Social Security benefits, paid family leave and “massive infrastructure investment.”

The PAC, which receives large sums of money from a tremendous number of people who describe themselves as unemployed, is also urging the Democratic Party’s platform committee to back a carbon tax, freely-available abortion, public financing for political campaigns and bans on for-profit prisons, fracking and most illegal alien deportations.

“The sooner that Platform Committee members publicly signal they will unify around a bold progressive agenda, the sooner Bernie Sanders and his supporters will know they have achieved the mission of helping to transform the future of America,” the group declared.

Despite siding with Sanders on virtually every issue, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee swears it has never endorsed Sanders.

Leaders of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have previously explained their belief that depressed turnout among Democrats in the 2014 election was due to a shortage of audaciously progressive ideas — not enough hope and change, if you will.

In the last year, the group has been pushing very hard for a new welfare benefit which would transfer huge swathes of tax money to college students so they can graduate from four-year colleges with no loan debt. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Floats Debt-Free College To Subsidize Rich People, Fancypants Schools)

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that Clinton has secured the 2,383 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination. (RELATED: AP: Hillary Clinton Has Enough Delegates To Win The Democratic Nomination)

This makes Clinton the first presumptive female nominee of a major political party.

Sanders, a socialist senator from Vermont running for president as a Democrat, has responded by ignoring the news that Clinton has acquired enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. (RELATED: Sanders: I’m Still In The Race)

“It is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgement, are ignoring the Democratic National Committee’s clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of superdelegates before they actually vote at the convention this summer,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said in a statement. (RELATED: Bernie Enjoys Quaint Walk In City Getting Destroyed By His Socialist Policies)

The AP story is interestingly timed, in that it may depress turnout among Sanders supporters in California’s critical Democratic primary on Tuesday.

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