CHILLING: Netflix Is Causing Everybody To Stop Having Sex, Professor Warns

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Couples have pretty much stopped having sex because they spend all their free time watching Netflix and toying with their laptops and iPads instead, a British statistics professor has warned.

The worried professor is David Spiegelhalter, the Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University, according to the Daily Mail.

(And, by the way, Spiegelhalter is knighted, so that’s Sir David Spiegelhalter to you.)

“People think ‘I’m going to watch the entire second season of Game of Thrones,'” Spiegelhalter suggested this weekend at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts, a highfalutin annual event held in Wales.

“It’s generally thought now that this mass of connectivity that we now have — the constant checking of our phones, the amount of entertainment going on all at once, compared with just a few years ago when the TV used to close down at half past ten and there was nothing else to do — has affected the frequency of our sex,” the 62-year-old professor explained.

To back up his argument, the stats professor referenced the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle, a large data set gathered by British researchers.

The survey shows that average rates of sex — in Britain, anyway — have dwindled dramatically in the last three decades. In 1990, couples were making sweet love upwards of four times each week. These days, it’s only three times.

Spiegelhalter held technology responsible for the dearth of sex.

“I think it’s the box set, Netflix,” he said, according to The Guardian.

Back in the day, Spiegelhalter noted, there were no computers and “TV closed down at 10:30 p.m. or whatever,” leaving ample time for couples to be bored, gaze into each other’s eyes and all that.

“By 2030, couples are not going to be having any sex at all,” Spiegelhalter warned. “Which is a very worrying trend.”

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