FLASHBACK: Hillary Supported Secure Border, Deportations For Criminal Immigrants [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Supporters of Donald Trump have resurfaced an edited video of Hillary Clinton pushing for secure borders, deportations and more pressure on Mexico to limit migration.

In the video clip, which Reddit claims is from her 2006 Senate re-election campaign, Clinton called Mexico “an important problem.”


“The Mexican government’s policies are pushing migration north,” stated the then junior senator from New York. “There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously.”

“You know, secure our borders with technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places,” she explained. “And we need to have tougher employer sanctions and we kind of need to incentivize Mexico to do more.”

Clinton stated that if immigrants commit “transgressions of whatever kind, they should be obviously deported.”

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