The Parents Of The Orlando Terrorist Have Some Sweet Digs


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent

The parents of the Orlando terrorist had their house searched Sunday by the FBI, revealing a nice house with luxury European cars.

Secretary of State John Kerry has previously said the “issue of poverty” is in many cases “root cause of terrorism.” President Barack Obama has echoed this sentiment as well.

“When millions of people — especially youth — are impoverished and have no hope for the future, when corruption inflicts daily humiliations on people, when there are no outlets by which people can express their concerns, resentments fester,” Obama said last year.

FBI agents done searching the Port St Lucie house of the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen. Searched cars too

The father of Omar Mateen, the perpetrator in the Orlando terror attack, is Omar Mir Seddique Mateen and the identity of his mother has not revealed. (RELATED: Orlando Terrorist’s Father Expressed Support For Afghan Taliban)

The Palm Beach Post is reporting the FBI searched his parents’ cars as well as the house and took boxes from the property.