HBO Director On Trump: ‘Spell Will Be Broken’ Before Election

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jay Roach said that people don’t need to worry about Donald Trump becoming president, that the “spell will be broken” before the election.

On Tuesday, the HBO director of “All the Way” admitted during the Banff World Media Festival that he might have a “possible irrational optimism” when it comes to Trump but he feels that people are going to wake up before November, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (RELATED: Neil Young Is Still Supporting Bernie Sanders)

“People are going to wake up in time,” he said. “The spell will be broken in time.”

However, the director said that those who have been supporting Trump have real concerns and warned of dismissing them completely. (RELATED: NBC Exec Credits ‘The Apprentice For Trump’s Rise)

“I do think that the issues that have emerged are real,” he added. “The people who are drawn to his [Trump’s] movement, to be part of those crowds, they have real concerns and they are to be taken very seriously. They are not to be dismissed.”

“So many people have been pushed out of how things go in our country, and he’s found a way to organize that into, in my opinion, an emotional response that’s fear-based,” he continued.