JUSTICE: Judge Sends Black Activist To Jail For Hoax Death Threats To Black Students, Faculty

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A New Jersey judge has sentenced a black racial activist to 90 days in jail because she tweeted anonymous death threats and bomb threats against black students and professors at Kean University, her alma mater.

The woman who sent the criminal tweets is Kean graduate Kayla-Simone McKelvey.

McKelvey, 25, sent the tweets back in November, using a computer at the taxpayer-funded New Jersey school.

The twentysomething race activist chose the Twitter handle @keanuagainstblk — Kean University against black — to make the threats, which included a promise to murder a slew of black people.

McKelvey unleashed a tweet directed at the Kean University police department. It read “@kupolice I will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow and any other day if they go to Kean University,” according to The Bergen Record, a New Jersey newspaper.

Police said McKelvey also tweeted: “kean university twitter against blacks is for everyone who hates blacks people.”

McKelvey’s motive for sending the tweets had been to create enthusiasm for a campus rally. The topic of the rally was racial issues. According to police, McKelvey slipped out of the rally to send the tweets. She then returned to the rally to spread awareness about the threats being made — by her — against black students.

Police arrested McKelvey in December. (RELATED: The Daily Caller Presents: The Biggest, Dumbest Race Hoaxes And Fake Hate Crimes On Campus In 2015)

She entered her guilty plea in April.

An attorney for McKelvey had asked the judge to permit her to enter a pretrial intervention program which, conveniently, would have resulted in no jail time.

The judge slapped down this idea in a sentencing hearing on Friday, reports The Record.

In addition to the 90-day jail sentence, the judge also imposed 100 hours of community service with the county sheriff, anger management therapy and a probation period of five years.

McKelvey must also pay restitution in the amount of $82,000 for the massive excess of federal, state and local security necessitated on campus by her Twitter stunt.

The death threats generated alarm across campus. Student body president Nigel Donald — himself a black student — advised “students that live on campus to stay in their residence hall, and not travel through the campus.” (RELATED: Black Activist Made Death Threats To Black Students, Faculty)

The death threats even led a coalition of black ministers to demand the resignation of Kean University president Dawood Farahi.

“We are saddened the person allegedly responsible was an active participant (of the demonstration) and a former student,” Farahi later wrote. “No cause, no cause, can give anybody the right to threaten others.”

McKelvey has since publicly apologized for her actions.

On her LinkedIn profile, McKelvey proudly boasts of her Kean degree — and notes that she was the president of the Pan African Student Union and the 2014 homecoming queen during her time as a student at the suburban public school.

Taxpayer-funded Kean University is also famous for its $219,000 table made in China and for openly advertising a preference for hiring members of the official Communist Party for jobs at its satellite campus in China.

About 20 percent of the students — and about 30 percent of the employees — are black.

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