Limbaugh: The Brexit ‘Shock’ Result Is Similar To This Presidential Election

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Comparing the results of the United States’ 2004 election to the British vote to leave the European Union, Rush Limbaugh argued that it is only shocking to the world’s elites because they are ignorant.

On Monday’s “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh began the show discussing the Brexit, arguing, “I’m struck by how it came as such a shock to everybody, and there are reasons why it came as such a shock. I’m talking about people in Great Britain. People in Europe, not so much here, but over there it came as a total shock.”

“In fact, folks, it has eerie similarities to our 2004 presidential campaign,” Limbaugh said.

Retelling the story of the 2004 election, Limbaugh said, “If you’ll recall at five o’clock on Election Day when the second wave of exit polls came in, John Kerry … his campaign manager came in, a guy named Bob Shrum came in at 5 o’clock, after the second wave of exit polls said, ‘May I be the first to address you as Mr. President.'”

“They literally thought they had won. They thought they won so bad that when the actual votes were counted, and it showed that Kerry was going to lose, a bunch of leftists got all upset about it and thought that the exit polls were real and that the votes were fake and wanted to implement the outcome as determined by exit polls,” Limbaugh said.

“Well, the same thing happened with Prime Minister Cameron,” he said. “At five o’clock a pollster walked in, a pollster who never gets anything right walked into his office and told him essentially that the ‘leave’ faction was gonna go down to a landslide defeat. At five o’clock on the day of the vote, the Brit prime minister was informed that his side was gonna win in a near landslide. They started popping the champagne and backslapping, and it was a mere few hours later and they began to get the actual count in and they saw the handwriting on the wall.”

“Journalists were shocked. All kinds of people were shocked. College students were shocked. Why? How can something like this be happening in a country and nobody in elite positions have any idea of it,” Limbaugh commented. “The media didn’t know, the prime minister didn’t know, the pollsters got it wrong, and similar things happened here.”

“But how in the world could anybody have been surprised,” Limbaugh went on to ask. Before concluding, “I don’t know what it is. It’s depressing, when you get right down to it. There is so much absolute ignorance.”

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