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IJReview’s Benny Johnson Gets Inspired By Life’s Little Gems of Humanity

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Is IJReview‘s Creative Director Benny Johnson gearing up for a Chicken Soup for the Soul book or Tuesday’s With Benny (Morrie’s long lost cousin)?

As of late, Johnson has been appreciating life’s positive moments in Washington, whether it’s two senators (whom he won’t name) from opposing parties “shuffling” around in church and not insulting each other, or, in the latest episode, a white-haired woman at the National Gallery of Art.

Get the tissues.

Or please, someone, get this woman a do-gooder who will not try to teach her the ins and outs of Google Maps as she tries to “shuffle” her way to the hotel where the hotel concierge will hopefully be waiting for her with a gurney and an oxygen mask when she hopefully arrives after sorting through her apps.

A better idea: For the love of God, walk her with your feet to her hotel.

Or, in this case, maybe a rickshaw would do the trick.

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