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Washington Post Reporter Concerned About Cost Of Benghazi Report

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Washington Post national security reporter Adam Goldman pointed out that the money spent on the House Select Committee on Benghazi could have funded his area’s public elementary school for three years.

Goldman is upset over the $7 million price tag for the investigation. Linking to his own news story which declared the report ” confirms that Defense Department actions could not have saved the lives of four Americans killed,” Goldman asked, “For $7 million what did the Benghazi committee achieve?”

Following up that tweet, Goldman then linked to the budget for his local elementary school, $2.4 million.

In response to that tweet, national security reporter for The Intercept Matthew Cole mockingly responded, “But what they could learn from the report has so much more value!”

Goldman replied, “You can’t put a price tag on the truth.”

Some on social media pushed back.