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Collingswood, NJ Cops Will No Longer Interrogate Children For Saying ‘Brownie’

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Yesterday, I told you about the New Jersey elementary school that called the cops on a third-grader for saying the word “brownie”, just because the whole class was eating brownies. Somehow, one of the other students deemed the word “brownie” to be racist hate speech and a matter for the police. And what’s even worse: the cops actually responded.

A lot of other people made note of this story yesterday. It’s amazing how quickly a little national attention can stop child abuse by public officials. Emma Platoff, Philly.com:

A controversial policy that required Collingswood public schools to call police for nearly every incident of student misbehavior has been “reversed,” Mayor James Maley said.

The change comes after parents complained that their children, some as young as 7, were questioned by law enforcement for incidents such as roughhousing on the way to the cafeteria, allegedly making a racist comment at a third-grade class party, and a playground fight between two middle school boys.

But don’t worry, Collingswood parents:

“It’s resolved,” Maley said Wednesday. “Fixed, finished, done.”

Got that? Just forget it ever happened. No need to pursue it any further. Let the mayor and his cronies keep their phony-baloney jobs, after abusing your children.

In a healthy society, anybody who treated children this way (not to mention the egregious misuse of police resources) would be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. But 2016 America isn’t a healthy society, and New Jersey sure as hell ain’t. I was born there, but I got out. If you still live there… why?

I’ve been cutting down on sweets because it’s bikini season, but dang, this whole thing is really making me crave some brownies. White privilege, amirite?

P.S. Look at ’em run.