Rape Allegations, Rope And Some Meth Lead One Man To Allegedly Decapitate Another

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A man was slapped with a second degree murder charge in court Wednesday after he allegedly decapitated his friend after hearing that the friend had sexually assaulted his girlfriend.

Joseph Christen Thoresen allegedly hit David Hainman with a baseball bat, then proceeded to stab him and decapitate him with a machete, reports the AP.  Authorities found Hainman’s head and body in the woods five days later.

Thoresen’s girlfriend complained when she learned that Hainman would be coming over that night; she told her boyfriend, Thoresen, that Hainman had sexually assaulted her.

According to the criminal report, the girlfriend  was “upset and told Thoresen that D.A.H.[Hainman]  raped her in their bedroom.”

When Hainman arrived, the girlfriend accused him of raping her. Hainman allegedly agreed to be tied up and beat; using rope from their bedroom, the girlfriend tied Hainman up and proceeded to punch him, the criminal report says. Thoresen later joined in, saying that Hainman “should not have raped ‘my girl’.”

After beating Hainman, Thoresen untied him and suggested that they get some drugs. The three drove towards Deer River and smoked weed with a group of people. They then left to Ball Club to smoke meth.

Thoresen and the girlfriend reportedly got into another argument with Hainman, who called them “worthless pieces of s-” and the girlfriend “a slut.” During the argument, the car began to have problems; both men got out to check out the problem and then Thoresen stabbed Hainman, reports the Washington Post.

Authorities began to investigate when Hainman’s work noticed that he had been missing for five days. Police questioned Thoresen who said that he hadn’t seen Hainman in three weeks; Thoresen was arrested when police found text messages between Thoresen and Hainman.

Under police question, the girlfriend told authorities about the rape and subsequent killing.

Hainman is currently on bail for $2 million and will be returning to court on July 5.

In the complaint, the girlfriend said that the Thoresen that killed Hainman was “not my Joe.”

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