Dallas Person Of Interest’s Brother: ‘He Gave His Gun To A Cop — It’s Not Him’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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The brother of the person of interest in the Dallas shooting said his brother gave his firearm to a police officer after the shooting happened because he didn’t want to be misidentified as the shooter.

The Dallas Police Department circulated a photo of a black man in a camouflage shirt and black shorts carrying a rifle through a crowd of protesters after shots rang out in downtown Dallas Thursday night. 

The man’s brother has now said he is “100 percent certain” that his brother was not one of the two shooters.

“I had a feeling because of this situation that when shots started firing,” the man’s brother told reporters during a Facebook video, “I told him, ‘Bro, give your gun to the cop so there’s no misidentification, no question, nothing like that. And even though he gave his gun to a cop, they still got him plastered all over the media like a suspect.”

“He don’t have his gun.”

The man’s brother said he went home.

Although the Dallas Police Department tweeted out this photo of the man, they have now clarified that he has turned himself in.

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At least four officers are dead and seven others injured after gunfire broke out during a protest over the recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota this week.

Snipers reportedly shot at police from elevated positions during a protest that an estimated 800 people attended.

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