Dallas Police Exiting in Droves… Will There Be A National Force?

Carole Hornsby Haynes Education Analyst
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On the evening of July 7 following the Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, Texas, a coordinated attack killed five police officers and wounded seven others. The gunman, Micah Johnson, was a black military veteran with radical left leanings who said his goal was to kill white officers.

This was the deadliest single day for police officers since the terrorist attacks on September 9, 2011. Because this massacre specifically targeted police officers as have others across the nation, the question becomes: Is this part of a larger plan to kill police officers and, if so, who is behind it? What is the end goal?

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings appeared on TV in an effort to calm the highly charged atmosphere here in Dallas as we went about our lives in shock, anger, disbelief, and grief. Rawlings admitted that the targeted killing of policemen is having nationwide negative consequences as evidenced by the number of officers leaving local agencies.

Even before this attack on Thursday evening, the Dallas police force was already demoralized and losing officers in droves. On May 25, 2016 WFAA reported this:

Dallas police officers are leaving in droves….

That’s what is alarming — the department is not just losing young officers, but veterans and detectives who could be future leaders, officers told News 8.

Many say low morale is plaguing the department under the leadership of Chief David Brown.

“The big joke is we talk about — how many years do you have left in the department, it’s like a prison sentence,” the officer told us. “You walk through, and it’s all like, ‘Oh, you got two more years,’ or ‘All I’ve got is nine years left.’ That kind of wears on you”….

Sources say so many officers are leaving the department that the personnel office can’t process the paperwork quickly enough, and they are telling officers they have to wait to quit.

One of my sources within the police department – a white officer — said about 50 officers left in the month of May alone without any applicants to replace them. He said the police officers have the support of Dallas citizens but not that of Dallas Police Chief David Brown, local government, and the federal government. Officers are afraid to make an arrest or to defend themselves with lethal force against a black person who is breaking the law for fear of retribution. Brown has been under heavy criticism in recent months over his leadership capabilities.

It’s no secret that the Obama administration wants to nationalize all pillars of society, including local police forces. In December 2014, President Obama signed an executive order creating his Task Force on 21st Century Policing to set standards for all local police departments.   

Under this umbrella fell the 2015 pilot program, “National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,” launched by then DOJ chief, Eric Holder, to help bring police departments under federal control.  

Cities would receive a grant for participation in a pilot program which would then be expanded to other police departments. For cash strapped departments, the federal carrot was akin to Common Core’s Race to the Top funding. Fort Worth, Texas was one of the first six cities in the program.  

Dallas has already implemented many reforms to comply with Obama’s 21st Century Policing standards.

In spite of the caustic verbal attacks coming from the left over the Dallas attacks, the city is known for its innovative, community-focused approach to the job of protecting the public and enforcing the law.

Who is behind the police attacks?

Local police are under threat from the Obama administration and the left-wing United Nations that seek to nationalize and globalize American police forces. In 2014, amid the riots and looting in Ferguson, the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon demanded in a press release that local Missouri police follow what he called “international standards.”

Black Lives Matter is a radical organization launched in 2013 after neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of African America Trayvon Martin. Marxists Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi founded the organization.  

What is the purpose of these attacks?

Al Sharpton has called for an “end” to local police forces to be replaced by a nationalized force. James Fitzgerald, a former police detective from Newark, New Jersey, who is conducting national tours to alert the public about federal control over local police agencies, says that a principal goal of the left is to nationalize the police.

The number of officers leaving their local forces will undoubtedly continue, leaving local citizens at risk. Added to that is the reluctance of police to arrest or use lethal force against criminal activity in minority neighborhoods, resulting in higher criminal activity.

Fear that their own local forces are unable to quell the violence may drive citizens to seek federal government intervention – with nationalization as the end game.

Carole Hornsby Haynes