Hilarious Anti-Black Lives Matter Facebook Rant Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Terrence Williams is a man you’ve most likely never heard of before, and with good reason — he’s just a guy like every other guy out there. But anonymity is a thing of the past for Williams now, thanks to a video he posted to his Facebook page that has amassed more than 7 million views in just two days.

Williams went on an explicit rant after seeing some black people say they want to move to Africa because of racism in the U.S.

Posted with the title “Don’t Blame the whites, Africa ain’t my home, why y’all mad about slavery,” Williams proceeds to eat a chicken leg, lecture about how good this country is, and blame black people for most of their problems. Everything from education and unemployment to Louis Farrakhan and Black Lives Matter feel Williams’s comedic wrath.