Lingerie Football Player And Police Officer: #AllLivesMatter, ISIS Is Bigger Battle

Abbey Shockley Contributor
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Nasira “Nas” Johnson plays running back in the Legends Football League, will compete in Rio as a part of the U.S.A. Women’s Football team, and is an Atlanta police officer. In the wake of recent unrest surrounding law enforcement, Johnson expressed her concern about the state of race relations and general turmoil in the country.

Johnson posted on Facebook a paragraph on July 6th detailing the need to look at situations from officer’s perspectives and her frustration about making events a “black/white issue” when “it’s a people issue.” She ended the post highlighting the dangers of terrorism, which transcends color, and used the “#AllLivesMatter” hashtag.

The next day, Johnson posted about loving, learning, and teaching each other.

TerezOwens.com reported on a speech Johnson gave before the start of a game this week where she pleaded that police and communities should come together. “We can’t fight this battle of hatred being separate,” she said. “We have a bigger battle to fight and that’s ISIS.”

Watch Johnson’s full speech here.