Republican Senator: I’ve Been ‘Targeted’ By Police [VIDEO]

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott delivered a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday detailing several incidents in which he felt that law enforcement had unfairly targeted either him, a member of his family or a colleague.

The speech was the second of three that Scott has planned for this week on the subject of law enforcement and minority communities.


Scott told how he was pulled over seven times in one year (he didn’t specify which year) as an elected official. In another anecdote a Capitol security guard asked him for his ID because he didn’t recognize the African-American senator. “The pin, I know. You, I don’t,” the officer said at the time.

“I have felt the anger, the frustration, the sadness and the humiliation that comes with feeling like you’re being targeted for nothing more than being just yourself,” Scott went on to say.

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