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Georgia Williams Contributor
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In more news about Pokemon Go, future President Donald Trump is not vying to be the best there ever was…because he doesn’t have enough time to play the game during his busy campaign, as he noted in an interview with the Washington Examiner.


We’ve heard a lot about journalists on the Trump blacklist but here’s a piece from USA Today noting that Hillary Clinton may also pose a threat to free speech. It’s been a whopping 223 days since her last press conference, and the article rightly notes, “We believe that whenever media access is restricted, the public’s right to know is restricted. Transparency is the key to a well-informed electorate, and without a well-informed electorate, our democracy is put in jeopardy.” It’s outrageous that Clinton isn’t talking to the media outside of the highly controlled environments that she desires. Read It.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has come up with yet another anti-Trump gimmick in an attempt to show off the worst parts of the GOP nominee’s volatile nature…A Twitter account, called @literally_trump, posting only things he has “literally” said. Example:

I’m not sure how well this will pan out for Hillary because while it’s a savvy move – things he has said on the record – to me it comes across as desperate and gimmicky.

For all you vapers out there, Gawker has put together a helpful guide to vaping at your convention – both DNC and GOP gatherings. Happy vaping!

In more media conspiracy news, here’s a pretty convincing take from BuzzFeed about the most-watched Taylor Swift relationship since the last one: HiddleSwift.

Apparently it’s all publicity for a film or a music video, but honestly, I hope it’s not.

Bill Kristol retweeted this today. That’s literally all I have to say about it. Goodnight!