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Georgia Williams Contributor
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Today, understandably, most of the news is focusing on the terrorist attack that happened last night in Nice. BuzzFeed has a solid feed, continuously updating with material from their reporters on the ground: find it here.


HuffPost is running about seven million different stories on their home page, all of which will probably have changed three times each when this article gets published… but they seem to have capable, comprehensive coverage.

Politico is running with the big Trump-Pence ticket announcement as their main headline. Their media guru Joe Pompeo ran the media newsletter with the opening line telling us that he wasn’t going to provide a “media angle” on the Nice story, which is good and I admire his restraint.

The Hill‘s main story is Congress publishing 28 pages of the 9/11 report that had previously been redacted. Interesting choice for a front page. If Friday wasn’t so inundated with other huge stories, would this be massive news?

The Daily Beast is reporting that “as early as 2010, U.S. officials were warning that jihadis might use vehicles as quick-and-dirty weapons of destruction.” While that’s a convenient way to blame the U.S. for an attack against Europeans in France, it’s also hard to say what the U.S. could have done differently here – ban trucks?! Swing and a miss.

For some nice news….Greta Van Susteren retweeted this funny feline: