Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Has To Prove She’s Not A ‘Demon’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said Thursday that Hilary Clinton has to “prove she is not the demon” that people think she is at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Appearing on NBC’s “Today,” Host Matt Lauer asked, “We’ve also heard a lot about the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton so how will she respond at the DNC in Philadelphia next week?”

“And then it is her turn. After today, Hillary Clinton gets her turn planning a convention designed to prove that she is not the demon the Republicans have been portraying all week,” Mitchell replied as noted by the Free Beacon. (RELATED: Biden: ‘I’m Going To Work Like The Devil’ To Get Hillary Elected [VIDEO])

Continuing along the demonic themes associated with Clinton, earlier in July, vice president Joe Biden said, “I’m going to work like the devil” to get her elected.

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