The Ultimate Attack On Western Civilization

REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

Veronique Dorey Freelance Writer
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Yesterday morning, a quiet parish of Normandy, Saint Etienne du Rouvray near Rouen, faced the ultimate attack that should open the door to a new era for Western Europe.

Attacking a Norman priest is like burning down the birthplace of our Western principles. George Washington himself had Norman-English roots. Right after the conquest of England, his ancestors, who came from Normandy, received lands in England.

July 26 2016, around 10am French time, two young Muslims decided to target a church and sliced the throat of Jacques Hamel, an innocent priest with a typical Norman-English name (Hamel means little village in Old Saxon). It’s very important to understand this about Normandy; it’s not just typical France. William the Conqueror was the Jarl (Duke) of Normandy and the actual King of England who spread Christianity and the common law system to the entire Anglo-Saxon world, and eventually to the U.S.

This attack in Normandy is a significant turning point in the war against radical Islam. France, UK, Germany and the U.S. are all open to religious freedom, including the Muslim faith, and they are attacked in their heart and soul by a significant fringe of that same religion. Is it a form of profiling to say it? No, it is pure observation. A religion inspires this war.

I’m really surprised that nobody among the political class in Europe proposes a plebiscite to stop the massive assaults made on the French and German identity. Nobody allows a gun permit for the civilians who’d like to act and protect themselves. My husband is American, a member of the NRA, and just like him, I wish the NRA would develop a branch and a training system in Europe, perhaps in collaboration with the local police.

Political parties who want to do something about Islamic terrorism should gather together and walk to the Elysee Palace in Paris and to Chancellor Merkel’s office in Berlin. They should request a plebiscite to stop their insane abuse of power. Merkel and Hollande are forcing massive immigration on the German and French people. Why? And why are their nationals not given the right to refuse it?

We are at the beginning of more than a conflict between communities; Francois Hollande has increased French involvement in Syria, but the enemy is at home! It’s hard to understand their continued advocacy importing millions of Muslims while the economic and cultural model of France and Germany has already reached a limit.

One of the attackers was Adel Kermiche, 19. He wanted to attack a church, had the plan in mind for a while, and would talk to his friends about it. He was arrested while traveling to Syria, but even then, even wearing a monitoring bracelet, nobody took his threats seriously. 

It’s not the first time the French people have seen their priests killed by radical Islamists; 20 years ago, the monks of  Tibhirine (a Trappist abbey in Algeria) were killed a barbaric way, their heads were found in Medea. Beheading is a signature of radical Islamic terror. The mayor of Saint Etienne du Rouvray Hubert Wulfranc is a communist; he thinks he’s a man of “action” (or so he says on the city-hall website). What he is is a man supporting Hollande and Merkel’s immigration policies.

The resistance of Westerners against Islamic attacks is a major step that we have to accomplish together, as we made the step for freedom and human rights together during our revolutionary wars and the Enlightenment, we have to save our vision of life, our people and our economical sustainability.

Many Norman families gave a son to the Church. This is an inheritance from the time of our Duke and King of England. Up until the 20th century and as a little girl, I would go every Sunday to Mass, which was said by a cousin, a jovial abbot like we had in my family since the 10th century.

I would have never imagined in my worst nightmare as a kid, that a Muslim would enter his church and slice his throat. These Muslim guys don’t belong here. I don’t care if they became French, German or American because their parents were immigrants. They worship a different god, and hold different values. They are our enemies.

Is Marine Lepen the solution? Perhaps not; her financing from Russia is not what we expect from a French president. What about Prince Jean de France? He won’t become King of France but, unlike all those incompetent politicians, he could make an indomitable patriot.