Lagniappe: PA All Day

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Campbell North Contributor
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The Simpsons mock presidential candidates in new clip

1.  Clinton’s standing in Pennsylvania

2.  How Trump can win Pennsylvania 

3.  How the rise of Trump can lead to a fresh start for the Republican party

4.  Ron Fournier for The Atlantic: “Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Stop Lying?”

5.  WaPo fact checker gives Clinton four Pinocchios over email explanation

6.  “Khizr Khan—How Unlikely Civilians Keep Impacting Elections”

7.  The road to the Trump-Khan feud

8.  Pope Francis says global economy, not Islam, to blame for terrorism

9.  Convention viewers less likely to vote for Trump after RNC

10. Cruz’s speech sparks turmoil behind the scenes

11. “Will July 19 Live On in GOP Infamy?”

12. Gary Johnson’s VP names potential Supreme Court justice appointments

13. A look at the Olympics’ dark history