Electoral College Elector Vows Not To Vote For Trump

(REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Georgia is one of 21 states that does not require its electors on the Electoral College to abide by the popular vote results in the states, and Georgia elector Baoky Vu is pledging not to give his vote to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Vu is a longtime GOP activist who released a statement Wednesday that said, “This is the Republican Party of Lincoln and Reagan and Romney and Ryan, not the Party of Donald Trump.”

“I take my role seriously and in the face of the difficult choice before us, I will always put America First over party and labels. Thus, I will not be voting for Donald Trump in the general election.  My conscience is clear but my soul is being tested,” Vu added.

Vu is a naturalized U.S citizen who fled from Vietnam in 1975. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he has “the right to vote for a write-in candidate in the electoral college.”

Georgia has 16 electoral votes. The RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump with a 4-point lead over Hillary Clinton. Each party has its own slate of electors and Vu would only be one if Trump wins Georgia.