Urine Trouble: Obama’s Vacation Is Off To A Poor Start


Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Barack Obama may be vacationing in ritzy Martha’s Vineyard but it’s not all glamorous as he spent the day near a pool that was “fouled by too much human urination.”

The White House pool report on Tuesday notes that Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are spending the day with family and friends on the beach between the Atlantic Ocean and Edgartown Great Pond.

The pool report makes note that the Edgartown Great Pond has brackish water due to elevated levels of nitrogen stemming from being “fouled by too much human urination.”

According to the Great Pond Foundation which was founded to help protect the Edgartown Great Pond, “the greatest source of “manageable” (i.e. non-atmospheric) source of nitrogen pollution in our ponds comes from the urine in wastewater. About 90% of Vineyard homes have their own on-site Title 5 septic systems that deal well with pathogens but have little impact on nitrogen. (62% of nitrogen pollution).”

New York Times pool reporter Gardiner Harris makes sure to note in the report, “Your pool is holding in a bus nearby with plenty of bottled water. Horrified at playing even a small role in this unfortunate cycle, your pooler promises to drink abstemiously.”

Besides spending time at the beach, Obama also got in some golf with basketball players Steph Curry, Dell Curry, and Chris Paul. (RELATED: President Obama, Chris Paul Team Up On The Golf Course)

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