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“‘Is it autumn yet?’ — my hair.”

Luke Brinker, politics editor, Mic.

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Erick Erickson headline of the day: “What if Dylan Roof’s Dad Showed Up To a Trump Event?”

Kid asks daddy a question about Trump’s wall

“”Daddy, when we go to Cabo will we see the wall if Trump wins?'” — Jason Roe, partner at Revolvis Consulting, former aide to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. The quote belongs to the little boy: Jackson Roe.

WHO KNEW? Journo buys antacid at a dollar store 

“Nothing like stopping by Dollar General to buy antacid and they’re playing Supertramp. ‪#‎klassy‬” — Jimmy Williams, host at DecodeDC, former MSNBCer.

Journo gets stopped by police on her way to a Trump rally 

“Got pulled over going to my 2nd Trump rally & was let go once I said who I was rushing for, either he was a big fan or took pity on my soul.” — Miranda Green, DecodeDC.

Reporter helps editor distinguish a sheep from a goat

“An editor just pulled me aside to ask whether an animal in a photo is a sheep or a goat. Always good to put that farm background to use, and it’s totally a goat.” — Bloomberg Alan Bjerga.

TPM journo has no respect for women who watch “With All Due Respect”

“Have now seen two women watching WITH ALL DUE RESPECT at the gym. Just when I thought this world couldn’t get any more crazy or messed up.” — Katherine Krueger, breaking news editor, TPM.

How to make it all about me

“If Trump tweeted what he said about Hillary Clinton and assassination would he be suspended? Discuss among yourselves.” — Charles C. Johnson.

Author says God wants her to be quiet 

“I literally have not uttered word in 24 hours–I have a serious case of laryngitis. I think God wanted me to be silent. It means I need to listen so that I can hear him. Night.” — Sophia Nelson, motivation author, blogger, etc.

A new idea for POTUS 

“Michael Phelps for president.” — Washington Examiner‘s social media guy Ben Smith. (Except for the DUI it’s a GREAT idea.)

My New Favorite Online Hater Is Funny Despite His Poor Grammar 

“My dog just snore, which tuned into a woof as he slept, it woke him up and he looked at me with annoyance and anger in his face.” — David Browne, a new hater on Twitter.

Journalist gets super annoyed when men approach her on the street

“PSA to strange dudes: ‘I just left the gym and I saw you’ is not a reason to talk to me on the street.'” — Rachel Zarrell, director of daily video for MTV News. She added, “Dudes always do this, then get annoyed when you try to walk away, as if you owe them something. Why? Women don’t behave that way.”

The Observer

“Headlines about trump have to stop saying ‘even conservatives are appalled about X.’ I think we’ve established a general ongoing distaste.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

The Observer II

“Donald Trump is a race to the bottom when there is no bottom.” — Robert Schlesinger, U.S. News & World Report.


“Yes, I supported Cruz, for which I make no apologies, but both Rush and I are trying hard to defeat Hillary.” — David Limbaugh, brother of Rush.