CNN’s Stelter: Trump And His Supporters Are ‘Delegitimatizing Institutions’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN’s Brian Stelter slammed Donald Trump and his supporters on Thursday arguing that they are “delegitimatizing institutions the United States holds dear.”

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Stelter said, “I’d like to answer a question you asked Mr. Giuliani. You said, is it appropriate, is it healthy in a democracy for people to be chanting ‘Lock them up,’ talking about the journalists in the room. The answer is no. And we know that deep down inside, don’t we?”

“Journalists are exercising their First Amendment rights by covering Donald Trump. The protesters can say whatever they want. They also have a First Amendment right. But to suggest that those journalists should be locked up — we’re at the point where Trump and his supporters, some of his supporters are delegitimatizing institutions the United States holds dear.” (RELATED: Trump: The General Election ‘Is Going To Be Rigged’ [VIDEO])

“Not all supporters, but think about this, voting systems, he’s saying the election could be rigged, the judiciary, think about his attacks on Judge Curiel, the media, I don’t know if Trump is doing it systematically, but he is delegitimatizing institutions,” Stelter claimed. “And that has consequences beyond this election. You know, when you are covering Politics 101, Journalism 101, rules apply. But when you’re not covering Politics 101, Journalism 101 rules go out the window. That’s where we are now.”

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